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This was set up as a community when we ran a sweepstake for the Football world cup in 2006. It was then hastily taken over for the Rugby World Cup 2007. Then the Football World Cup 2010. And now there is Rugby again. \o/

Hopefully you will win stuff. Otherwise maybe you can just hate whoever does. Rugby's better than football, you'll love it. Probably. It's not the point.

Here are the people playing this year:

Pool A

cynjen - Canada
silsbee329 - France
alittleacademe - Japan
lakester - New Zealand
girlofprey - Tonga

Pool B

lolabobs - Argentina
[insanejournal.com profile] yonmei - England
morganmuffle - Georgia
calapine - Romania
alicamel - Scotland

Pool C

ruthi - Australia
whatho - Ireland
meedja - Italy
sabethea - Russia
cakesy - USA

Pool D

fastfoodjunkie - Fiji
panrubius - Namibia
matildabj - Samoa
gralyn - South Africa
jekesta - Wales
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