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(no subject)
jekesta wrote in quantumsweep
We have a winner. \o/ Although only just.

silsbee329 7 - 8 lakester (France vs New Zealand)

Sorrow to Bethbetter, France were AMAZING today and totally nearly won a world cup and should have won a world cup, but they did not win a world cup, and probably New Zealand deserve it a little bit so yes.

Congratulations, lakester!:):):):):):):) ::DANCES YOU VERY::

If you all let me have addresses I will attempt to do posting in at least a slightly timely fashion. \o/

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Well, clearly this is a case of your telepathy malfunctioning again. Or, right, sorry, sometimes I forget to do things. Have just PM'd you. Hopefully it worked.

It's cold outside and I'd rather not go and get rained on.

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