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(no subject)
jekesta wrote in quantumsweep
We have a winner. \o/ Although only just.

silsbee329 7 - 8 lakester (France vs New Zealand)

Sorrow to Bethbetter, France were AMAZING today and totally nearly won a world cup and should have won a world cup, but they did not win a world cup, and probably New Zealand deserve it a little bit so yes.

Congratulations, lakester!:):):):):):):) ::DANCES YOU VERY::

If you all let me have addresses I will attempt to do posting in at least a slightly timely fashion. \o/

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YAY, FRANCE! That seems like a very close match. Good show, my team! :D

CONGRATULATIONS, LAKESTER!! I am sad that you broke my team's hearts, but I guess they will live.

(Jen, I will email you with my info later today. I am having a bout with plague of some sort and must go back to bed for a while. *hack hack*)

Whee, thank you! And yay to your team also, they had me worried for a minute or twenty with their whole fightback in the second half.

It was so so so so close, and I can't believe France didn't just steal it at the end, it totally just looked like you were going to and oh.

But yes, probably for postage's sake we should be glad they didn't. Except it was sad. They totally held hands at the beginning while NZ did the haka, they held hands and walked menacingly towards them. IT WAS AWESOME.

Awww, hand-holding. They are precious. I AM SAD THAT I MISSED IT. Damn television. :(

Thank you for hosting this. And for letting me play (even though it would've cost a fortune for me to win! *g*). I wish I'd been able to see it, like I did with the football - that was amazing fun! - but still, thanks. :)

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