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Bronze Final
jekesta wrote in quantumsweep
If you could see my face, it is the face of someone that is FINE. Whatever.
jekesta 18 - 21 ruthi (Wales vs Australia)

It's not like I wanted sweets anyway.

ruthi you win a very very few sweets for beating my team and making them sad. Well done. (Seriously, though, if you tell me if you hate anything or are allergic to anything, I will pick you out appropriate sweets, and if you pm me your address, or comment it to me if you can't be bothered with messaging, the first post on my journal is private, or email it to me if you don't trust livejournal security, jekesta at livejournal dotcom. lakester and silsbee329, you two could both do this as well actually, please, since you are both guaranteed sweets of some amount or other.)

And the final is still on Sunday and it's still the same people and then the world cup will be OVER.

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I am sorry I made your team sad!

I am sorry I make people feel badly for beating MY BEAUTIFUL TEAM WHO DESERVED ALL THE VICTORIES. You should be happy! You won sweets! ::dances you anyway::

I am happy for the dancing! And the sweets.

Oh. Is there still rugby happening? WHYEVER?

I only have a bad reaction to milk, so unless someone sent in a carton of it, I should be okay. I LIKE ALL SWEETS. Except gummy candies. OMG SWEETS.

Sweets! I will try to avoid gummy sweets, although we do have a lot of them. But mostly I will pick you out light sweets anyway, yes.

mostly I will pick you out light sweets
Hahahahaaaa! We almost had a postage disaster on our hands. ;p

So pretty. They should have won ALL THE THINGS. sigh sigh.

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