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jekesta wrote in quantumsweep
ruthi 6 - 20 lakester (Australia vs New Zealand)

Third place playoff:
Friday 21, 8.30 am: jekesta vs ruthi (Wales vs Australia)

There will be some few sweets for the winner of this match. Really not many.

Sunday 23, 9.00 am: silsbee329 vs lakester (France vs New Zealand)

You will both win sweets! One many more than the other. Bitter congratulations but hearty good luck to you both.

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I am really quite excited about the SWEETS. I know the postage for the grand prize will require me to take out a loan, but I don't even care. I WANT THEM ALL. Go, Cocks!!

Maybe the postage will be okay, maybe the post office are surprisingly good about posting sweets for free.

You will need a small miracle, though. To actually win the sweets. I think Lakester's onto a good thing really.

They SHOULD. People need their sweets, for heaven's sake.

I am going to light candles and leave chicken bones laying around. Maybe that will bring us the win... or cockroaches.

Go sweets!

I mean, go New Zealand!

Who I am not entirely supporting for mercenary reasons and for whom I finally have a mostly-relevant icon!

May you completely reverse your slightly worrying trend of trying less and less since the knockout rounds. This (running about a lot, throwing people at the opposition and kicking penalties) does not seem like the best/easiest way of going about winning rugby matches but obviously it's working for the all blacks so far so maybe?

You don't really want all those sweets, do you?? Think of your teeth! ;P

I don't need all of my teeth! I do need all most of the sweets! And volunteer to selflessly throw myself on the bomb of bomb of tooth decay for them.

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