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jekesta wrote in quantumsweep
1.00 - lolabobs 25 - 7 morganmuffle (Argentina vs Georgia)
3.30 - lakester 79 - 15 cynjen (New Zealand vs Canada)
6.00 - jekesta 66 - 0 fastfoodjunkie (Wales vs Fiji)
8.30 - whatho 36 - 6 meedja (Ireland vs Italy)

THAT'S IT! That's the end of the group stages, so if you're not in a quarter final you are not in the world cup any more and will not get any sweets.

Quarter Finals:
1. whatho vs jekesta (Ireland vs Wales)
2. [ profile] yonmei vs silsbee329 (England vs France)

3. gralyn vs ruthi (South Africa vs Australia)
4. lakester vs lolabobs (New Zealand vs Argentina)

They're so neatly organised into north vs south. And the two hemispheres won't meet until the final. This is basically TERRIFIC NEWS for the north. It's all we need from a world cup, just to have to play half the world.

Everyone in the top four there has a great chance of getting to the final. They're really hard matches to call, England and France are both crap, and Wales and Ireland are both super.

CLEARLY everyone in the bottom half (except Argentina, sorry Lola, sorry Argentina) has a great chance of not just getting to the final, but also winning it. Whatever.

They're being played next weekend, the first two on Saturday, the others on Sunday. None of you care. But it'll be awesome.

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Wheee! (My father, who clearly DOESN'T KNOW ME, asked who I was going to support in the Ireland/Wales match, as though Wales might want to give me sweets as well.) (I assume giving me sweets is Ireland's key motivation.)

Will Wales not give ALL THEIR PEOPLE sweets if they WIN A WORLD CUP, Sam? OR THINGS BETTER THAN SWEETS? GOLD. Will they not celebrate and sing and make the whole world a beautiful place to live and exist? I would be sticking up for your country just for their happiness even if they were not trying to earn me sweets. But you do as you please. Probably we will be well off without your support.

THEY HAVE NEVER DISPLAYED SUCH BENEFICENCE IN THE PAST. Though possibly that's because I was sticking up for Canada. They should give me a dragon. I'd totally stick up for them if they gave me a dragon.

CLEARLY everyone in the bottom half (except Argentina, sorry Lola, sorry Argentina) has a great chance of not just getting to the final, but also winning it. Whatever.

You don't seem terribly sincere.

(Although you echo my own thoughts when I saw the list.)

I'M REALLY SINCERE, YOUR TEAM ARE LOVELY. Even without Messi. They're just in a little group of death, disaster and overwhelming danger.

My team are going to be fluke, unexpected winners and send me sweets of glory. fluke, unexpected glory.

OH MY GOD THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. If they escape those four teams and get to the final I am going to support them regardless of sweets or national pride. FLUKE UNEXPECTED GLORY FOR THE ABSOLUTE WIN.


I have to stop sticking up for you for a while now, you are going to beat England and then possibly meet Wales in a semi final and STEAL MY SWEETS. I am very sad about that. I have grown attached to the sweets.

I have grown attached to the sweets.
Heeeeee... Those evil sweets. They will break your heart every time.

(Deleted comment)
::hugs you:: You won at beards. And for a while you were beating the all blacks, I think. You're the only people who have, even for five minutes. I am sorry Canada did not miraculously win you sweets.

(They did a brilliant cheating thing in their lineout where they just pretended it was american football and the referee was so impressed that he didn't mind that it was clear cheating.)

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