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jekesta wrote in quantumsweep
gralyn 13 - 5 matildabj (S.Africa vs Samoa)

Okay. That score line does not do that match justice, and I get really cross when people say that about snooker, because actually usually John Higgins does so 'deserve' to be five frames ahead, (it's not like he doesn't give EVERY CHANCE POSSIBLE TO HIS OPPONENT) but South Africa DO NOT DESERVE to win that match by 8 points, they didn't really deserve to win it at all, I have no idea how Samoa didn't score ALL THEIR TRIES, they tried so hard to score them all, and they were so lovely, and S.Africa were stumbling because they were pretending to be dressed as England which is ALWAYS FOOLISH. Samoa losing means that Wales don't have to be as spectacular against Fiji and that's all very well, but SAMOA YOU WERE SUPER.

3.30 - ruthi vs sabethea (Australia vs Russia)
6.00 - silsbee329 vs girlofprey (France vs Tonga)
8.30 - [ profile] yonmei vs alicamel (England vs Scotland)

I hate tomorrow.

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My guys seems kind of mean. Sorry about that - they are just trying to win me sweets.
I confused everyone in the pub today because I was completely convinced Ireland had a match today. I had confused my sweeps team with my home team.

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