... to my team for playing a better tournament than I ever could have dreamed of.

... to my country's team for getting into third place. You guys rock and the future's all yours!

... to slemslempike, kisobel and ringlunatic for winning sweets.

And THANK YOU to jekesta for organising this madness - it has been really entertaining and I am already looking forward to the next one.

Let's hope tonight's final will be as entertaining a match as last night's has been.
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Clearly it is all pre-determined

Oh yes people. The psychic octopus has spoken and my glorious Spain are going to win!


I am still a little bit in shock I think at the fact that my team have made it to the final. I never win anything.

(I also have a bit of a conflict of loyalties because my husband supports Holland and our best friend is Hollish and it is customary in our household to support Holland, PLUS my husband put a tenner on Holland to win when they were at about 10/1 so we stand to win REAL ACTUAL MONEY if Holland win, but on the other hand I want lovely Spain to win because then I will get sweets and other fun things that are so much better than money. Plus Spain have redeemed themselves so well for being favourites (kiss of death) and then losing their first match that I feel churlish deserting them at this late stage.)

Essentially Sunday's final is going to be made of win for me though :D
Australia really

WOE, WOE and thrice WOE

The internets tell me that despite TROUNCING* Serbia, my wondrous Australians have had their World Cup place STOLEN from them. STOLEN

This is clearly wrong and I demand a recount.


* They won, that counts as trouncing in any reasonable world**

**Of course, in a reasonable world they would be going through, so I'm perhaps negating my own argument***

Nonetheless, we won and IT'S NOT FAIR.