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Hm Stevens
jekesta wrote in quantumsweep
Rugby's RUBBISH.
jekesta 8 - 9 silsbee329 (Wales vs France)

I repeat. RUBBISH. The referee was HALF FRENCH, I am not even lying. And he sent our captain off after twenty minutes over a tackle, which wasn't a great tackle, but it wasn't evil, and then we had 14 men and they were AMAZING and France were terrible and didn't even score a try against 14 men and now they're in a final and I'm not, and I'm so sad and we just needed two points and we didn't convert our try and we didn't get our penalties and we didn't even try for a drop goal and now Wales aren't world champions and it doesn't even make SENSE.

Sunday, 16 Oct, 9 am: ruthi vs lakester (Australia vs New Zealand)

The winner of that match will play France in a final, and PRESUMABLY BEAT THEM, because . . . because. And the loser will play Wales for third place, in the saddest match of a world cup, but with a very few sweets at stake.

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(Deleted comment)
No! You have to enjoy your sweets! I'm not sending you sweets if you are just going to be sad about them. It's okay to get to a final by destroying everyone I love. That's fine.

Oh, fine, I will enjoy them. (Don't need to twist my arm.)

Next sweetstake, the teams can be allocated at the beginning, then the person whose team wins can buy everybody else sweets. That's clearly what's meant to happen.

That would be way better! Why should we wait til next time, we could just make that the rule now. I'll just keep the sweets people have sent in, and then the winner can send everyone else sweets as well. Awesome.

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