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jekesta wrote in quantumsweep
3.30 - ruthi 68 - 22 sabethea (Australia vs Russia)
6.00 - silsbee32914 -19 girlofprey (France vs Tonga)
8.30 - [ profile] yonmei 16 - 12 alicamel (England vs Scotland)
Oh my god, France. Oh my god, England. They're both through (and playing each other) even though France lost, and fell apart, and England are England. I think Australia are through too, although it's still not sure if they'll be top or second in their group. Scotland still could be, but they will need Argentina to lose badly tomorrow.

1.00 - lolabobs vs morganmuffle (Argentina vs Georgia)
3.30 - lakester vs cynjen (New Zealand vs Canada)
6.00 - jekesta vs fastfoodjunkie (Wales vs Fiji)
8.30 - whatho vs meedja (Ireland vs Italy)
Fiji beat Wales last time round. But probably we just won't let that happen again. Ireland need to beat Italy, I think. Even though they've already beaten Australia, which you'd think would be enough. Still, they probably will.

And that is the end of the group stages. So tomorrow we will know quarter final places \o/

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ejljdajkf;ljaikl!!! :(
I must give my team an ass-kicking a pep talk of some sort...

I didn't even bother getting up for it, I thought they'd probably just manage that one without me. Dude, you should totally get on that . . .

. . . except actually they're playing England next, so I'm going to have to not be on their side for a while.

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